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20 x 40 cm, 2021 Acrylic Paint on Canvas

This painting, called "WITCH" is a play on the saying "Out with the old, in with the new".

It's not about change for the sake of always being up to date, but suggests differentitating cultural values and historicsm. We need to be aware of a things history to see its value, but we must allow ourselves to let go of malpractice or bad habits because we are used to it.

The painting depicts the Looshaus (itself marking the end of Historism) at Vienna's prominent Michaelerplatz. At the centre there's an Arab Horse with traditional harness, since the painting positions its plot close to Vienna's famous Spanish Riding School. Also in the painting are several classical paintings from different periods, all leaning, rather than hanging. Two dolls and a curious figure are placed between the artworks implying a shift in our mindset towards old values with a nod to America. At the top of the painting a green glowing woman holds on to a circle, opening a portal to the future. The buildings within the portal appear art deco with the atypical extions of naturalistic elements. These two contradicting elements are supposed to form an attractive union.


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