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40 x 60 cm, 2021

Acrylic Paint and Gouache on Canvas

This painting consists of three levels, two halves each. All six areas contribute to a modern interpretation of hell on Earth. The balloons at the top left strive higher and higher until they pop,

echoing the story of Ikaros and Daidalos. The house on the right only reveals its top floor.

In Vienna houseowners have, over the last decade, started to build expensive extensions atop old buildings, often ruining their beautiful appearance with mismatching contemporary architecture.

On the left middle section theres a slice of lemon being dropped into a purse. This element serves to criticize the constantly increasing wage gap.The middle right panel depicts the intentional burning of nature.

The bottom left panel shows a locked red door and furniture positioned away from the curtain that reveals a burning metropolis, while the right side depicts the entrance to a tent by night. Darkness is the absence of it all,whereas light is a revealing power. This is not the same as good and bad. The dark is a place to be filled and contextualised by the mind as nothingness is a hard to grasp concept. Illumination stands for factuality and creates inflexibility. Afiguration is not the same as abstraction.

In this painting we are not free to flee upwards forever, we cannot pay or burn our way out and finally the inside becomes a prison as the reality outside deteriorates by our hand.


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