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Unter einem dunklen Stern

Unter einem dunklen Stern, 2022

194 x100 cm

Acrylic paint on cotton canvas

This painting was named after my exhibition "DisAster" from 2020. I tend to know when working on a piece that helps me transition from one phase in life and art to the next. This is such a piece.

The figure of the DisAster (read about it here.) appears almost calcified, turned to myth, atop the scene created to talk about a generational handover:

The fatherfigure leaves the painting to the right, dressed traditionally, dragging behind him fabric. The fabric resembles both, the folded hindfeathers of a peacock and a trawl.

The son, dressed in cartoonish garments taken from a photo of an emplyee at disney world in the 60s, looks down. He doesn't feel ready to take on the mantle of responsability.

A person in a yellow hazmat suit can be seen in the back. They represent natures demise by human hand, just like the large yellow hose winding through the foreground thicket. They stand for industrialisation, globalisation and deforestation, anything we do to destroy our earthly habitat.

The cloth-like material connecting the two large rocks in the background is in actuallity a torn plasticbag, stuck in a three I photographed the previous winter. It presents an attempt at integration, preservation but also littering and is therefore a non-solution, just like trying to repair a broken rock with tape.

The painting gained importance for me, as shortly after finishing it my father died of cancer.

It was featured in a large group show called "CRIME" hosted by Sicc.Zine in December 2022.

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