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105 x 200 cm, 2020

Acryl Paint on Canvas, Wooden Wardrobe


The artwork consists of

three elements:
Firstly there's a very bold and visible frame made from a repurposed wardrobe. Secondly there are two stretched cotton canvae specifically made to fit into the frame.

The top panel provides a naturalistic perspective of the Ronacher as it looks today with its modern addition being made more visible than it actually is.

The bottom panel is a more abstracted view of the pavement in front of the building, with a puddle of water reflecting the Ronacher as it burned down in 1884. The event is fictionalised by adding a dragon that breathes fire into the upside down arches.

This artwork was very prominanlty featured in the exhibition "DisAster" in 2021, which took place at Galerie Frank, a stones throw away from the actual building. So entering and exiting the show would lead to the viewer making the connection right away.

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