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168 x 118 cm, Acrylic Paint on Canvas

This dyptichon came into existance as a symbol against the depressive situation that was the escalating spread of. the Corona virus. The elements of the image consists of a two video stills, one being from my own yet unrealised stop motion project that refers to Füsslis painting Nightmare. The other still is from GNTM, a german reality show that I was made to wa tch by my girlfriend. The original struck me because of the head pertruding from an outfit that resembled a black cloud. Furthermore there's another painterly refrence at the bottom right. The Dance Of The Rats by van Kessel is a part of a larger painting that has been lost. I liked the idea of reinserting the element into something bigger. All these elements have a single purpose of finding out of depression and finding the glimmer of light in the dark.

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