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Finale - 2019

I partook in this exhibition with a three painting series about being in a strange place, questioning oneself.

It was Christiane Sandpecks last exhibition at her Vienna gallery before retirement.

Exhibition Finale 2019

The Pool (l.) seen here hanging next to a spoonpainting by Matthias Kretschmer at Galerie Sandpeck.

The Pool 2019
SexGags 2019
Trautmannsdorf 2019

"The Pool", "Sex Gags" and "Trautmannsdorf" show three very different approaches to the saying "Wrong place, wrong time."All three deal with sexuality and finding oneself in a strange place. There's a dissonance within the paintings just as between them.

The Pool

is based on Instagram posts trying to appeal to the male gaze, and my missattempt at removing it from the image. All art is experimental and sometimes experiments fail.

Sex Gags

is based on a foto taken at Burg Schlaining, a castle that was showing an extensive exhibition on war. The place is run by nuns. The sombre, serious mood was greatly disturbed when I visited the restroom. There I saw an automat filled with those sexy surprise balls. you can find at gas stations. I added the LGBQT stickers.


is a small village I accidentally arrived at by train. I missed my stop and decided to have a look around. next to the church there, I found a soldier memorial of striking architecture. After having painted the male oriented monument I realized I needed an orange element to finalize the composition. I remembered a selfie by Artist Mange Debauche. The description of the post explained how they were early for their own performance and therefore hid in the toilet stall. I felt like there was connective tissue there, so i decided to paint said selfie into my painting.

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