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Die Ahnung eines größeren Gefühls

Exhibition 2018

Groupexhibition featuring paintings made for this show by the Class for Painting and Animation at Universität für angewandte Kunst. I presented two very different paintings of which one (Hear-Say) is shown on the photo above.

The university-organized exhibition provided the canvas for these two very different works.



The first painting is an abstract figuration of music. Country, Metal, Pop and any other genre, as well as radio, live music, drugs, money, and any other connotation to music can be found within this abstract depiction.


This a roughly painted surface with different wavelengths in different colours. Behind fabric a pocket radio is mounted to the stretcher, set to a volume that should make viewers lean in close to the painting, ideally averting their eyes in favour of their ears being able discern the white noise coming from the radio. This idea is supposed to reveal the difference in perception of the two media and how focus can not be put on both at the same time.

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