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a farewell exhibition


If walls could talk, those of Schelleingasse 10/20 would tell the story of my scholastic years, of my first love und unavoidable separations, of joy and depression, as well as of glorious Halloween parties and the horrendous mornings after.


After 20 years of living and creating in the apartment, that I grew up in, I now celebrate my moving out by showing EVERY remaining work of art that was created in that period of time.


Due to rising rent prices and my father passing unexpectedly I had to move out of my apartment, which was also my studio. Having spent most of my life in said apartment (2001 - 2011 and again 2014 - 2023, to be exact), a lot has changed in 2023. With a new start in a different district i am leaving behind Wieden with joy and a tiny bit of nostalgia. The exhibition is structured by the previous use of the now empty rooms. So my very first painting was displayed in my childhood room for example, as all other paintings also found their places sorted by the time, content and emotions that influenced them. This created a coherent and very intimate display of my work.


February, 24th - 25th 2023

5 - 9pm

Schelleingasse 10/20 1040 Vienna

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